Top 15 Longest-Living Dog Breeds | Expert’s Guide 2024

Top 15 Longest-Living Dog Breeds | Expert’s Guide 2024

The furry friends are our family now, there are no second thoughts to compare their love, innocence and intelligence with anything in this world. You would be excited to know that there are longest living dog breeds with whom you can cherish every moment and grow together in one shelter. 

Dogs which are smaller in size live longer in comparison to larger in size. So, if you are planning to bring the furry love in your home, this is an important aspect to consider. For that, you can read about the top 15 longest living breeds so that you can freeze your time in order to give proper nurture, care and learning. 

The Toy Poodle

The longest known Toy Poodle lived to be 20 years old, while they can live up to 18 years. Despite coming in a variety of hues, they are frequently thought of as being white.

Although they are exceptionally athletic and lively dogs, Toy Poodles are renowned for their intelligence. Despite being small, they have a lot of energy and need a lot of exercise. Poodles are intelligent and eager to please, making them very easy to teach.

Shih Tzu

The lifespan of a Shih Tzu is up to 18 years. Smokey, a 23-year-old Shih Tzu, was the oldest Shih Tzu ever recorded. The Shih Tzu, yet another little dog renowned for its floor-length coat, comes in a range of hues and does require some care.

The Shih Tzu is terrific with kids and makes a wonderful lap dog and apartment dog. They don’t need much exercise, so daily short walks would do, but training will be difficult. Since many Shih Tzus tend to get their own way, you’ll need to be stern but gentle while disciplining them.

Shiba Inu

This one of the poised breeds which lives about 13 to 16 years. There is one more shiba breed i.e. Pusuke lived up to 26 years. This is a medium size dog, looks like a fox. Shiba in nature are good, confident and a fair bit of exercise.

They can be destructive when left alone. Even though these dogs can be trained, try to avoid unleashing them in large spaces. 


The average lifespan of a Papillon is 14 to 16 years, however the oldest age ever reported was 29 years! They are adorable little bundles of joy with those wonderful fluffy ears that gave them their name (papillon is French for butterfly).

The Papillon may perform well in agility competitions and other dog sports because it is a joyful, alert dog. They like a lot of activity and activities because they are enormous canines in tiny bodies. Papillons are bright, eager to please, and relatively simple to teach. You should anticipate spending a lot of time with them because they are companion dogs.

Australian Cattle Dog

The average lifespan of the medium-sized Australian Cattle Dog is 12 to 16 years. In actuality, an ACD named Bluey who lived until he was 29 years old holds the Guinness Record for the oldest dog ever to live.

ACDs require a way to release their excess energy and get some exercise, such as participating in dog sports or working on a farm. They can be a little difficult to teach because of their great intelligence, and they are usually highly apprehensive of strangers. American Cattle Dogs are courageous, loving, and incredibly loyal to their families.


The average longevity of a Maltese is 12 to 15 years, however the oldest age ever documented is 20. These adorable tiny pups are ideal lap dogs because of their long, white coats, which can reach the floor if desired.

Despite having a regal appearance and being lively and engaging, Maltese dogs may make excellent watchdogs. They have a lot of energy, but a daily walk or even just running about inside can satisfy their demand for exercise. Expect training to be a little challenging because of their intelligence and stubbornness, but they are also obedient and will react to constructive instruction.

Lhasa Apso

The average longevity of a Lhasa apso is 12 to 15 years, however many of them live well into their late teens or even early 20s. The oldest reportedly has a 29-year-old age. This extinct breed is well known for its floor-length coat and curled-over tail.

The Lhasa might be amusing around his family but can come off as distant towards outsiders. Lhasas are self-assured, intelligent dogs who require frequent exercise. However, because of their intelligence, they can be difficult to train. They are ideal for those who are eager and creative due to their independent and headstrong natures.


Although they have been known to live up to 19 years, Havanese typically live between 14 and 16 years. They have a tail that folds over their backs and a long, silky coat of fur in a variety of colors.

The Havanese are very sociable people with a tendency toward clownish conduct. They can be fairly easily trained, amuse people with their antics, and make excellent watchdogs. Because of their intellect, desire to please, and affection for the people they love, these dogs are quite simple to train.


Although Rocky from California lived to be 25 years old, the Dachshund has a lifespan of 12 to 16 years. They come in variants with smooth, long, and wirehair, and are renowned for having long bodies and short legs.

Dachshunds may be courageous and stubborn, making them great watchdogs. They must have frequent activity, but jumping from furniture, running up and down stairs, or other repetitive motions should not be encouraged as this might harm their backs. Although they might be difficult to teach, they are incredibly affectionate and want to be with their owners all the time.

Chinese crested

Many Chinese Crested dogs live to be 18 years or older, making them one of the longest-living breeds. They may have hair or not, however they frequently have a furry “crest” on their tail, ankles, and head.

Cresteds make loving, devoted, and loyal dogs. Because they enjoy spending time with their owners, they are reasonably easy to train, but because they are sensitive dogs, they should be trained with care and patience. Although Cresteds are small and simple to exercise, they require regular walks and time to play outside because of their high energy levels.


The feisty tiny Chihuahua has a lifespan of 14 to 16 years on average, but Megabyte, who is 20 years old, holds the record for the longest lifespan. Although these tiny canines are quite sociable, families with young children shouldn’t get them because of their size. Yes, accidents do occur.

Since chihuahuas are intelligent but stubborn, teaching them may be difficult, but working them out is simple. Sometimes it’s enough for someone to follow you around the house while trotting.

Cavalier king charles spaniel

A little dog with a lengthy name, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. At 19 years old, the oldest Cavalier is located in the United Kingdom.

Cavaliers are vivacious dogs who want to play but will also listen to their owners. Your Cavalier will be less active if you aren’t, but if you workout, your dog would adore joining you. They are completely devoted to children and adore everyone they encounter, even strangers. Cavaliers are often simple to teach and eager to please.


The cheerful Beagle can live up to 15 years on average, but Butch, a Beagle who was the oldest ever recorded, survived for 27 years! Although they can be any color, their most recognizable combination is white and red with a black saddle.

Beagles are normally affectionate, joyful, and easygoing dogs who are often described as having a cheery attitude. The Beagle needs at least an hour of exercise every day, and if left alone for extended periods of time, he will become destructive. Due to their amicable personalities, beagles are relatively simple to teach and make excellent family dogs.

Australian Shepherd 

At 12 to 15 years old, the Australian Shepherd can live longer than other canines. Aussies are exceptionally intelligent dogs who may even deceive their humans. They have a medium-length coat of fur.

Australians require a lot of activity, ideally at least 1-2 hours each day of running. Australians are intelligent and eager to please, making them simple to train.


The Pomeranian has a lifespan of 12 to 16 years, with the oldest living to be 21. Despite coming in a variety of colors, they are best known for their fluffy red or orange coats.

Pomeranians are highly bright and alert canines who make excellent lap dogs and watchdogs. They are relatively simple to train and do require a reasonable amount of exercise. Just remember to keep an eye on your Pom when you’re outside because his diminutive stature makes it simple for him to learn how to break free.

Let’s Conclude…

When looking for the right breed, the Size does matter because that captures its maintenance and its life-span. You can find plenty of options to choose when picking the right breed for your home. Some of the options are available above, you can explore and make a decision. The furry love is waiting for you and to summon your pet you must check our top trending name list.