How to stop a dog’s nail bleeding?

How to stop a dog’s nail bleeding?

Have you seen the pop of blood coming out of your dog’s nail?  If yes, then it must have given you goosebumps. Being a pet parent, you have to be extra cautious when cutting your dog’s nails. Your dog’s nail has a vascular structure, which means it has nerves and lots of blood vessels within it. Cutting your dog’s nail too short can be a traumatizing event. You can see a dog’s nail bleeding even after a walk, there can be many reasons for your dog’s bleeding nail. For such situations, to stop a dog nail bleeding without a styptic powder knowing a home remedy is a must. 

Read here how to stop your dog’s nail bleeding and learn ways to be cautious in the future.

Apply a styptic powder

If you have decided to cut your dog’s nail, then you ought to keep a styptic powder. This is advisable for pet parents and pet owners that mistakenly you cut your dog’s nail applying styptic powder will help to stop the bleeding. 

To use a styptic powder, press a pea-sized area above the nail tip, and make sure it stick properly around the wound. 

Another way to stop your dog’s nail bleeding is to run the nail tip to a soap or put a pinch of cornstarch or flour on the dog’s nail. 

Bandage the nail’s bleeding

When you see the bleeding is stop, you can cover the wound with a cloth and squeeze gently to remove blood stains. You must keep the dog’s feet untouched for at least 30 minutes and stay vigilant from licking and infection. 

Try to stop with a pressure 

Your slight mistake can be painful for your dog. This can happen even in dog’ clinic, you can be quick to stop the bleeding with the pressure of your thumb. If you place a slight pressure against the nail and hold it for approx two minutes, you can see a blood clot forming, which will restrain from bleeding. 

Use an Ice cube

Yes, you read that right. Your dog’s nail bleeding can be stopped by applying an ice cube on the wound. It happens because the nerve in the nail contracts the blood vessels and slows down the nail’s bleeding. 

To apply an ice cube, use it with a cloth to avoid direct contact with the dog’s nail. Apply for approx. 5 minutes and check if the bleeding stops or not.

Have a tip: try to touch your dog’s feet for at least 15 – 30 minutes so that they get familiar with your gesture and not just touch his or her feet at the time of trimming your dog’ nail. 

Visit an Experienced Vet

Sometimes going to a vet to get your dog’s nail trim, you experience a cut on your dog’ nail. This can happen due to insufficient experience or carelessness while doing the process. Make sure your dog is getting the right care. Trimming your dog’s nail is good for health and hygiene purposes. 

How to cut your dog’s nail?

The first attempt of cutting your dog’s nail is unsuccessful, then following the steps below will help you to avoid having a bleeding nail .

Prepare yourself first

By any chance you cut your dog’s nail, make sure you have a dog nail clipper or a nail grinder along with some dry cloths, bandages, and a styptic powder. You can easily buy this from a pharmacy or a pet store. And, if you don’t have a styptic powder, keep a cornstarch and a baking soda with you. 

Be Calm when you do the process.

Dog’s can sense the anxiety, it is important for you to stay calm and pamper them to avoid their attention from cutting objects. You can give them a treat  and assure them that they are alright. This body language will avoid getting your dog’s nail from bleeding. 

Know the right way

To cut your dog’ nail, the right way to clip up the point where the mail makes a curve down to the floor. Try not to cut the nail too far. Here is the catch for the pet parents: dogs with white nails, the quick will appear pink and with the black nails the quick will appear black. The moment you cut your dog’ nail it will appear chalky white and a dark spot will appear at the center. 

In the end… 

Mistakenly getting your dog’s nail cut might be a small thing for you but a big deal for your pet. It is a painful act for your dog. If it has happened by now immediately apply a styptic powder to the bleeding area of your dog’s nail. It’s easy, if you do not have a styptic powder, then do a home remedy i.e. rub cornstarch or flour between your thumb and forefinger, and cover it directly to the bleeding nail.