Are Blueberries Safe for Cats? A Complete Guide

Are Blueberries Safe for Cats? A Complete Guide

Do you also believe that cats can eat anything? If you are an experienced pet parent then you must know giving your cat fruits like raspberries, blueberries or strawberries must have caused some infection or health disturbance. If not then you must have got lucky as most of the cats come across health issues due to high level sweetness when feeding raspberries.

Let’s just talk about blueberries from the berry family. The small balls of blueberries add taste to any food item. Whether it is yogurt or pancakes, these berries are the best topping to make anything look beautiful and super tasty. Having so much meaning to food for humans , cats mark a difference due to their different digestive systems.

Why should you not feed cats blueberries?

The blueberries may have health benefits but for your feline love you have to think twice before feeding them. As cats have carnivorous stomachs could be the reason to digest nutrients and minerals. On the other hand, if your cat is fine to eat blueberries, then it is okay to feed them but being cautious is always keeping your cat healthy.

Blueberries have high sugar content and you must avoid feeding this fruit to your cat. Also, some cats fall ill because their digestive system gets disturbed. This may cause vomiting or diarrhea after eating any new fruit.

Can a Cat Eat Blueberry Extract?

Yes, you can feed your cat blueberry extract but you have to be very cautious. You must read the ingredients when purchasing any such product. These foods promote antioxidant benefits specially for cats and dogs which are helpful in healing urinary tract infections. It is because most blueberry extracts do not affect the sugar or carbohydrate level, which means it is safe to use blueberry extract. Yet again, feeding any new food to your cat always watchout for the negative symptoms.

How should you feed blueberries to your cat?

If you are planning to feed your cats blueberries for the first time, follow the steps below to keep the safety step at priority.

Make sure you wash the berries first and remove all the dirt and pesticides.

  • Divide the blueberries into two halves to let your cat smell.
  • You can mash the blueberries and then allow your cat to eat it.
  • Start with a few berries and check if the cat likes it and there are no side effects, it is okay to feed them.