About Us

Have you got a pet at home? Heartiest Congratulations!

PetsWander is the UK’s rising name just for your pet. Our unconditional love and care towards animals have brought us to provide our pet parents with beautiful and divine names for them. Your pet is not just an animal that male or female is accounted a member of your home.

Welcome to the hub of names from letters A to Z. We have names of many kinds which suits the best for your cat, dog, fish, horse, and yes reptiles too. Our aim is to give the pets a name that defines not only their personality or physical traits but an emotion that connects you from the heart.

Who Are We?

We are a trio of pet lovers who are passionate to nurture pets with all love and care. Our values have driven us to come forward to make life easier for the pet and their pet parents. If you are a dog person, a cat person, or anything that explains the relationship between you and the animal, we understand you completely.

Our team is born from extremely diverse backgrounds and experiences, yet shares the same vision. We have dug the list of names from any letter you choose A, B , F, X, Z and the letter continues. As we have more than you expect, you can find the best possible care and support for the long life of your pet.

Our mission is to develop a community of PetsWander to connect, learn, and grow together. We believe through this platform we can share knowledge and experiences to enjoy more with our furry friend. Here, you can read plenty of information via blogs on the topics of nutrition, exercise, and healthcare.

We are not just ending here, you can also add a name of your choice with a creativity of love by signing up for our subscription box.. Each added name will appear on the page and will stand a chance to be a trending name for the new pet parent.

We Want & Desire Our Pet Parents To Be…

As pet lovers, it is very important to respect silent love in giving them a healthy and protected life. No matter, if your pet is picked from the street or purchased, we should treat them with gallons of love and kindness.